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  • KOBOSAR handheld bidet sprayer for bathroom toilet, female sanitary, cleaning sprayer cloth diaper cleaning or pet shower. 

    Bidet sprayer accessories: Add a brass T valve to the toilet cistern inlet valve hose connection, G1/2 tooth connection telescopic spring hose and white hand hold spray, used to clean the toilet and the bathroom floor, pet bath, baby cloth diaper cleaning et, ensure that your health happy life.

    White handheld sprayer: Three modes of water outlet, high pressure outlet mode can be more powerful to flush toilet or wash mop, the other two are gentler outlet, suitable for pet hair washing, personal body cleaning. The sprayer has a water stop button, easy to switch on or off when using.

    Bidet T-valve: High standard plating, brass material,7/8-inch inner tooth connected to toilet inlet valve, G1/2-inch outer tooth connected to telescopic hose, 7/8-inch outer tooth connected to flexible inlet pipe. It is suitable for USA 7/8-inch toilet. If you do not use the handheld sprayer for a long time, please close the bidet T-valve.

    6.5ft Telescopic hose: 10mm diameter thickened shower tube, with telescopic elasticity, explosion proof and durable, the appearance of telephone line, small in shape.

    Sprayer viscous bracket: ABS plastic, chrome plated surface, no wall drilling, easy to install, can be affixed to wall tile surface or toilet tank side smooth surface.

    Friendly reminder: the handheld sprayer's water stop key function is suitable for temporary use to switch on or off, but it is recommended that each type of valve switch should be closed after each cleaning operation, to prevent constant water pressure from causing the leakage of the telescopic spring hose and the sealing rubber ring of the handheld sprayer.

    The rotation of the control rod of the T type valve can close the influence of the hand-held sprayer, Shall not be liable for any loss resulting from non-compliance with this recommendation.

    Package Dimensions: 7.95 x 6.54 x 3.19 inches (20.2 x 16.6 x 8.1 cm)

    Size: 7.87inX6.3inX3.15in (20 cm)

    KOBOSAR handheld bidet sprayer for bathroom toilet.

    SKU: 02200236
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