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  • Luxurious Soap Dispensers Set Clear-White: This lovely set of acrylic classy-looking soap dispensers is perfect for your bathroom and kitchen! These dispensers give a modern beautiful look and feel to your décor. This will give each collection piece a unique appeal that transforms its environment into a lair of luxury.

    This Set Includes: 3 Clear acrylic dispenser bottles with pump, 1 dish soap dispenser, hand soap dispenser and face wash dispenser.

    Durable Silkscreen Print Labels: (NO STICKERS PEELING) - Unique beautiful black silkscreen printed labels on dish soap, hand soap and face wash dispenser set different from the other conventional sticker labels. Due to penetrating the surface print labels, our labels will not fade, pill off or come off.

    Suitable Design Pumps for All Types of Soap: Suitable design pumps are special for LuxyM soap dispensers. Can be used with all types of soap from thick to thin soaps. general dosage 4 cc.

    Leak -Proof:  Safe for storage and travel to prevent mess and spills. LOCK-DOWN 360° Twist/Lock-Down Feature twist the spigot 360°counterclockwise to unlock Push-down and twist 360° clockwise to close store or for travel.

    LuxyM Acrylic Soap Dispenser for Bathroom and Kitchen 3 pcs Set

    SKU: 02208221
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